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Hello there.

Two years between blog posts is long enough, and I’m back with an introduction. It has been awhile. A lot has changed for me since I started this site, I’ve had another baby, become a doula, and started Alaska Birth Collective with some amazing friends. More about those to come later.

My 4 kids keep me busy with skiing, girl scouts and swim lessons, homework, laundry, and dishes. They have been some of my biggest teachers and I learn from them daily. I’m never far away from a hug or snuggle and I know I am lucky.

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In my free time, I love cross country skiing, it keeps me active and outdoors during these long Alaskan winter months. Twice a week I coach a group of 8-10 year olds cross country skiing. I love listening to music and travelling for concerts is always on my wish list. The past few weeks, date nights have included ballroom dance lessons at our local yoga studio. I love ballroom dancing because its social, active, and maybe most importantly, adult time.

I am passionate about supporting women and their partners on their journey to parenthood. I feel like my most confident self leaving a birth knowing I helped a mama. I feel inspired and invigorated by serving women in labor. Teaching childbirth education classes fills my soul with pride and accomplishment. It’s an honor to teach about birth.

My own pregnancies, births, and postpartum recoveries have demanded of me to advocate for women in postpartum to demand better health care. Women deserve access to specialized care after birth. I’m particularly interested in safe exercise for pregnancy and postpartum mamas, and women getting evidence-based care for their bodies after baby.

I have called Eagle River home for over 20 years now. Its where I brought my babies home, and that is why I named my business after it. I offer childbirth classes in Eagle River and privately in your home. I offer Doula Services from Anchorage to the Matsu Valley. If you are out of that area and looking for a doula give me a call. If I can’t help, I can help you find some resources.

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